Decorative & Privacy Films

Our thoughtfully curated line of decorative window film transforms the function and feel of commercial spaces by adding privacy, filtering light, and creating one-of-a-kind designs. Unlike specialty glass, decorative window film is budget-friendly and minimally disruptive when installing or removing. This makes it a smart space refresher when styles or clients change.


Consider decorative privacy film for windows, partitions, doors, cabinets and even glass furniture. With frostedgradient, and patterned film, you’re sure to find the creative inspiration or practical solution your commercial building project needs.

Versatile Frosts

We offer an expansive variety of frosted window film in soft matte, color infused and delicately textured styles.

Nature Series

Enhance interior landscapes with these beautiful, practical film styles inspired by flowing water, leafy foliage, and windswept sand.

Pattern Series

Our striking patterned window film comes in a variety of geometric designs, from playful dots to soothing stripes.

Textile Series

These fiber-inspired patterns echo upholstered furnishings and create partial privacy while adding textural interest. 

Specialty Series

Create drama or problem-solve with this kaleidoscopic palette of mixable translucent colors and light-blocking black or white.   

Gradient Series

With simple patterns and gentle transitions from transparent to opaque, this film reveals and conceals at the same time.

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